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    In this issue the boys join the military and a yeti disrupts a peaceful ski trip

    USO girls, huh? I guess this story is meant to take place before they started letting chicks join the US military. :P

    That has to be the strangest group shot of mis-matched characters EVER!

    Also, the answer to the puzzle is "Dumb and Dumber". I remember that cartoon existing; but I have no memories of actually watching it. After seeing the opening on YouTube, I think it's best that I don't remember it at all. >_<  

    I'm proud to say I still have a few of those X-Men Kix cards. :)


    As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit and/or a link would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

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  • 12/01/12--00:15: Caption: Heeeeeey

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    As always, I'd love to know which icons are your faves. In case you're wondering; I'm partial to #1, #6, #14, and #18.

    Table generated using angelamaria's Icon Table Generator.
    Icons by their own makers.

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  • 12/08/12--00:07: Caption: SMACK!

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    In this issue, the gang visits a cruise ship and an old-West mining town. We also get to see Scrappy acting like a violent dictator and Fred acting like a massive douchebag!!


    Wow. Dick move, Freddy. Dick move.

    Wow. Fred is a huge freakin' JERK in this issue! O_o

    Wow. I never knew that the Archie comics characterized Scrappy as a violent extremist years before the theatrical movies did.

    Also, I would have escaped in a lifeboat the moment the passengers tried to kill me for being a crappy tour guide. Good Lord...

    Wait. If the monster was a hologram, how was it able to grab people?

    Forget the cruise ship mystery. I wanna hear the story behind Scrappy's violent invasion of Tahiti!!


    If Scooby had left Scrappy there, he would be President of the United States today. And he would have invaded Tahiti and blown up China by now.

    Considering Scrappy's violent, anti-government tendencies, I'm assuming that he's in Gitmo now.


    "I repeat: Do NOT travel to other planets and beat up badly dubbed Japanese villains just because the Power Rangers did it!!"



    As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

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    Shaggy of all people offers Velma a little Winter Time fashion advice...


    Velma steadfastly refuses to wear pants because, DAMMIT, legs that sexy should not be hidden from the world!!!! XD

    And here's an extra doodle just because...

    Happy Holidays, everybody!!

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  • 12/15/12--10:34: Caption: "Nets"

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  • 12/17/12--14:44: Holiday Fan Art!!
  • Merry Christmas/Chanukkah/Festivus/Kwanzaa/Heart's Warming Eve/Whatever!!!!

    First up, some mistletoe themed comics!!




    And next up, the long awaited reconciliation between Red Herring and Fred Jones!



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    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    Second, Shaggy & Velma in their goofy elf costumes from the recent movie Scooby Doo: Haunted Holidays:


    And, last but not least, a "Family Christmas Portrait":
    WARNING: The sappyness might give you a toothache!

    I hope you liked them! ^_^

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  • 12/20/12--00:06: Caption: CONversations

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    I bought the digital rental of the new Scooby Doo: Mask of the Blue Falcon movie because I'm impatient. So I decided to snap some screenshots and give you guys a spoiler-free review (and first look) at the new movie.

    First, the downsides

        1) There's no opening song.
    Unlike the other recent movies, this one opts to do an "Adam West Batman" style opening with comic panels. This SOUNDS like it would be awesome. But it ends up being dull (both from a musical and visual standpoint).

        2) The movie lied about the parking conditions at SDCC. It is so NOT possible to drive up to the front of it and just walk in.

    ...yeah, I know it would have killed the narrative for the gang to drive around for two hours looking for parking and then have to walk 3 miles to get to the con once they FINALLY find a space. But, as someone who has been there, I couldn't stop myself from shouting "BULLCRAP!!" at the screen. LOL

        3) Velma was WAY too bitchy and condescending toward Shaggy, Scooby, and comic nerds in general (not quite as bad as MI-Velma; but it got close).

    The upsides

        1) The opening monster scene...
    There was a scene in the beginning where Fred tries to convince Scooby to be the bait for his latest stupid trap. He tries offering Scooby Snax as a bribe, but Scooby still says no. So Shaggy tells Velma, “you KNOW how to make him do it….” And she reluctantly turns to Scooby and says “Please save us, Dog Wonder!”. And that gets him to do it. Scooby Snax don’t work; but flattery from Velma does. These two are still pals!!! SUCK IT, MYSTERY INCORPORATED!!!!

    Again I say, SUCK IT!!!

        2) Lots of love for old school Hanna-Barbera:
    This movie takes place in a beautiful parallel universe where enough people still give a crap about obscure Hanna-Barbera cartoons for SDCC to not only acknowledge their existence, but to give them tons of banner space in the dealers’ room and a big ass balloon outside the convention center (the setting felt more like "Hanna Barbera Con" than "Comic Con"). Seriously, I wish the REAL SDCC was as cool as the one in the movie.

    As much as I love Hanna-Barbera. Even I can't believe that Magilla Gorilla could ever have been popular enough to warrant his own booth at a con. That wouldn't even fly at an ACTUAL "Hanna-Barbera Con"; let along a general comic book and/or geek convention

        3) One of the people in charge of this movie is apparently a REALLY big fan of Frankenstein Jr and The Impossibles.
    That character is all over this movie. And it’s a real treat to me and the 6 other people who are nerdy enough about Hanna-Barbera trivia to recognize the character on sight.

        4) I can’t help wondering if the plot was inspired by (or stolen from) Mark Hamill’s Comic Book: The Movie.

    Because Comic Book: The Movie also centers around a fanboy being outraged when he learns that his favorite silver age hero is getting a "gritty" Hollywood reboot.

    BTW, if you haven't seen Comic Book: The Movie, GO WATCH IT NOW BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING!!!).

    Can you tell I really really REALLY love this movie?

        5) This movie does a hilarious twist on the "glasses gag". And I wont spoil it here because I want y'all to see it for yourselves.

        6) We don't get to see the girls in cheesecake outfits or poses (so there's no Camp Scare level fan-service).

    However, we do get to see Fred dressed like a cosplay slut!

    ...I assume the scene where Tony Harris accuses him of doing it for attention will be on the DVD. ~_^

        7) At some point in the movie, this happens:

    Final Thoughts:

    Overall I think the movie is...OK. It's a bit of a let down from Big Top Scooby Doo because the story wasn't as well executed, the mystery wasn't as compelling, and the characterizations were a bit off. Also, like I said before, they wasted a great setting by not doing anything really cool with it (especially compared to how well the circus setting was implemented in Big Top).

    On the plus side, the movie was fun and it was free of any nonsensical romantic side plots (HOORAY!). So I'd totally recommend it to anyone who wants to see the Scooby gang do their thing at a con. Though I would suggest either waiting for a price drop or a TV airing because it isn't quite worth the full retail price (unless the final DVD ends up having cool extras or something).

    I will now close out my review with some random screenshots taken totally out of context. Enjoy!

    Every cosplayer can relate to this image of the boys with a glue gun in the back of the van (I know I've been there). XD

    Sadly, the audience never gets a closer look at the gang's new formal outfits. Which is a shame because Velma's ensemble looks adorable (despite the fact that the ugly make up has returned)!

    Velma/Shaggy shippers may now SWOON!!

    Velma/Daphne shippers may now SWOON!!

    This is me at every con ever.....

    The famous SDCC pedi-cabs!

    And now, let's close on something cute:

    Hope you guys enjoyed the preview!

    If you want to use these screen caps or show them off elsewhere, that's fine. Just do me a favor and remember to credit me for them. :)

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    This special needs to happen.

    I filled this request for a friend of mine:
    Do Scooby and the Gang as orthodox Jews, lighting a menorah! :-D

    I wonder if this pic technically counts as "race-bending"?

    I hope I got the orthodox outfits right. No one in my family is that devout. So I had to do my research via a quick google image search. ^_^;

    This idea was a fun one. So I drew a few additional things based on this theme.

    I actually had this idea before she made the suggestion. Because, in my head canon, Velma is at least ethnically Jewish (and it helps that the current voice actress is playing her that way)

    Shaggy seems like the type of boyfriend who would go overboard like that. LOL

    And here are all my brainstorming scribbles because I thought it would be fun to include them.

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    In this issue the gang visits Canada (and Scrappy nearly causes an international incident) and then the gang uses stunt planes to battle aliens!


    Lucky for Shaggy, they have free health care up there.
    Also, I guess we now know why Scrappy is no longer spoken of amongst the gang. He was a violent little jerk! O_o

    Apparently Scrappy has a genocidal streak. O_o
    ....y'know, I was starting to think that all the Scrappy hate in modern Scooby Doo incarnations was overblown. Now I think we should probably hate on him MORE!




    I still have my Jubilee trading card!


    As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

    0 0's supposedly coming back on Sunday, January 27th. And the new episode will be called "Aliens Among Us".

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  • 01/11/13--00:03: Caption: "Playing Dress up"

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  • 01/15/13--01:45: Random Scooby Doodles
  • I scribbled these on a lunch break and just thought I'd share 'em. :)

    First up: Random fluff, cuteness, and shippy junk:


    NOTE: I know it's hard to tell because of how sketchy the drawing is. But Daphne's comment to Shaggy on the lower left part of the drawing refers to stretch marks on his shirt (implying that someone with a....not-so-skinny chest wore it and noticeably stretched it out ~_^).
    Also, I love the drawing of Velma on the box. She gets a kick out of pretending to be "the tall one" once in a while (and I'm sure Shaggy enjoys a break from feeling like an awkward giant). XD





    Now for some gender-bending!


    NOTE: Yeah, I know, Scooby Dee looks like crud. But cut me some slack. I can't google reference images at work. :P

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  • 01/20/13--21:36: More random art....
  • If you're into Shaggy/Velma fluff, you've come to the right place....


    I love gender-swapped Shaggy and Velma. Visually, they remind me of Fit-it-Felix and Sergent Calhoun. ^_^

    I love sketching Velma in cute outfits way more than any straight woman should. LOL

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