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    In this issue the gang heads to Las Vegas (where Scrappy develops a crippling gambling addiction), the girls don fan-service attire, and then the gang heads to South America to contend with giant beetles.


    I'm surprised the girls were so open to Fred's showgirls suggestion. But it's Vegas, so I guess that's the tamest undercover assignment Daphne and Velma could hope for. :P


    It appears that this artist has a hard time keeping Velma'"size" consistent. Perhaps someone forgot to give him a model sheet. :P

    A storyline where VELMA plays the token irresistible hottie (while still remaining curvier than Daphne)? I approve of this! :)

    Why would Scooby be angry about this!? Scrappy is now wealthy enough to finance for their globe-trotting mystery solving hobby AND keep them rolling in Scooby Snacks forever! This is the first non-irritating thing that Scrappy has ever done!!





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  • 02/21/14--23:46: Caption: "Nightmare"

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    Hello there, guys! It's been pretty quiet in here for some time, huh? Guess what I found on (non-fanon) Scoobypedia! There are a new movie AND a new series planned for this and/or next year!

    The movie is titled Scooby-Doo! It's Alive! and apparently will revolve around Velma. Here's the premise:

    When Velma discovers she's the heir to the Von Dinkenstein fortune, she inherits not just a creepy old castle, but the legacy of the famous Frankencreep monster! Velma has dedicated her life to proving that ghosts and ghoulies are nothing but hoaxes... Could her family's famous monster be the end of everything she believes in? It's up to Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne to help uncover the truth and save her reputation!

    In my opinion, this can be an interesting take on the Scooby-Doo Hoax and maybe the whole franchise. However, there's one little detail bugging me.

    Seeing that "Dinkley" might have evolved from "Von Dinkenstein", the deceased person was most probably a relative from Velma's father's side of the family. And as far as I know, one can get a whole fortune only if there are no other heirs or if they're specified as the only recipient of the heritage. So that would imply either that the deceased relative didn't like Velma's father and sister and decided to disinherit them both... or that poor Mrs. Dinkley became a widow and lost the younger one of her daughters. That would be tragic, though. So I hope that Mr. Dinkley just wasn't on good terms with the testator (and got omitted) and that Madelyn will at least be mentioned as another heiress (continuity, dear creators!).

    That said, let's move on to the new series. It's called Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! and scheduled to have its premiere this or next year. The premise is as follows:

    The Scooby gang is back with a modern comedic twist on the beloved classic. With high school over and one last summer to live it up, the gang hits the road in the Mystery Machine, chasing fun and adventure. But monsters and mayhem keep getting in the way.

    I'm very curious about this one. However, I hope that the drawing style won't be the one used for the "first look" Scooby art. I think the poor doggie looks hideous in this one.

    And what do YOU think about it?

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    no watermark - Copy

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  • 04/26/14--02:07: Fan Art: Random scribbles
  • Have some random, silly fanart!

    More under the cut....


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    I can't wait to see the whole movie! It certainly has the potential to be AWESOME!

    And it seems that someone will have a lot to explain about Velma's sudden makeover. XD

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  • 05/13/14--23:08: NEWS: Casey Kasem is missing
  • Sadly, Casey Kasem (American Icon and original voice of Shaggy) has gone missing among a heated legal battle between his wife and his adult children regarding his health care and estate.

    I don't want to speculate about who's at fault because my family went through a similar situation with an elderly relative (minus the mysterious disappearance) and there are always two sides to every story. I'm just putting this thread up so people can offer prayers, news updates, and share fond memories they have of Kasem.

    I've listened to this man's voice my whole life (and it took me years to figure out that the smooth Top 40 DJ and Shaggy were the same person). I REALLY hope he's found soon and that some sort of amicable compromise can be made with his family so he can live out his final days in peace.

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    Casey Kasem is dead. He passed this morning.

    I'm literally eating my feelings and crying while watching Scooby Doo: Where Are You

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    I was looking to see if there was anything new about the new cartoon "Be Cool Scooby Doo" and I see a bunch of articles about new reboot movie. Just thought I'd share.

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  • 07/06/14--05:38: Art Post
  • First up, the little tribute drawing I did for Casey Kasem

    Next up, something a bit happier.....
    Some silly gender swap AU scribbles!

    And here's some random pictures of the gang in different outfits


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    Zip link(s) here (free registration required)

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    A friend on Deviant Art pointed me to this article on the upcoming "Be Cool Scooby Doo" series that includes a picture of the character designs and a description of the series from the producer:

    be cool full

    My Thoughts:

    The design:
    I'm not thrilled with the character designs (they're a bit too "Family Guy" for my taste and I don't like that Velma has been slimmed down yet again). Though I do think it's cute/funny that the ONLY change to the outfits was Daphne getting her sleeves shortened and her heels replaced with a practical pair of tennis shoes.
    Maybe they'll look better in motion; but that still image looks really bland and unappealing to me. Unless the production design choices (ie the background designs, direction, animation style, etc) are REALLY good, this show's look will take a LOT of getting used to. :P

    The Story:
    I am excited about the story. No romantic entanglements is a good thing (and I can't help wondering if that line about Mystery Incorporated's use of romance was meant as a dig against it. LOL). And I am VERY happy about the decision to limit Scooby's speech. I know it seems like a minor thing to get excited about. But, IMO, Scooby's character is funnier and more believable as a dog when he isn't given entire paragraphs of dialogue to rattle off. And it's also more in the spirit of the original show (where Scooby often had to pantomime to get his point across because humans couldn't completely understand him).

    The Mystery Machine being outfitted with wacky gadgets sounds cool. I'm hoping the show makes Freddy out to be a car nut and/or a gear head. It would be a welcome change from the last couple of cartoons and movies that characterized him as a clueless dumbass

    And, because I'm a dork, I looked up Zac Moncrief (the producer for this new show) and he seems to have a pretty good resume when it comes to making animated comedies. His most notable work has been directing on seasons 4 & 5 of Family Guy and Phineas and Ferb. Overall, he has a good record with comedy cartoons. So, if he has a good team of writers and artists backing him up, this series has the potential to be really fun. Here's hoping my prediction ends up being right!

    Now I want to know all of your thoughts/predictions/hopes for this show!!

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    Oh, I'm SO excited for this movie! :D Just check these out:

    Also, is it only me, or does Velma look prettier than in previous films?

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    Someone on Tumblr did a HILARIOUS joke post about the evolution of Fred's chin throughout every Scooby incarnation (and how RIDICULOUSLY HUGE it is in the newest show). And I felt compelled to draw something to go along with it.

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  • 08/14/14--02:52: Caption time!

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  • 10/01/14--00:35: Halloween Fun
  • Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Your friendly neighborhood Mod has had a hectic work schedule for the past few months.

    So, to make it up to you, I'm taking Halloween art suggestions! Comment with a request, and I'll do a quick drawing. My only groud rules are....
    1. Keep it simple. I don't have lots of spare time. So I can't draw anything that's super complicated
    2. Nothing too racy (romance is fine, but keep it below a PG-13)
    3. Have fun! :)

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  • 10/17/14--22:14: Captions are back!

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    Here's rose_red5's request
    "How Velma and Daphne dressing up as Sailor Moon characters?"

    I wanted to color this; but I didn't have time. I may go back and color it in the future. :)

    And here's ms_verma's request
    "1) Fred and Shaggy dress up as pirates and have fun fighting with toy swords, much to Daphne's annoyance;"

    asweetdownfall's request
    "carving pumpkins! :D"

    and here's wytchcroft's request

    "how about the scooby gang as Penelope Pitstop and the Anthill Mob???"


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