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Scooby Doo Fan Community -
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  • 08/14/14--02:52: Caption time!

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  • 10/01/14--00:35: Halloween Fun
  • Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Your friendly neighborhood Mod has had a hectic work schedule for the past few months.

    So, to make it up to you, I'm taking Halloween art suggestions! Comment with a request, and I'll do a quick drawing. My only groud rules are....
    1. Keep it simple. I don't have lots of spare time. So I can't draw anything that's super complicated
    2. Nothing too racy (romance is fine, but keep it below a PG-13)
    3. Have fun! :)

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  • 10/17/14--22:14: Captions are back!

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    Here's rose_red5's request
    "How Velma and Daphne dressing up as Sailor Moon characters?"

    I wanted to color this; but I didn't have time. I may go back and color it in the future. :)

    And here's ms_verma's request
    "1) Fred and Shaggy dress up as pirates and have fun fighting with toy swords, much to Daphne's annoyance;"

    asweetdownfall's request
    "carving pumpkins! :D"

    and here's wytchcroft's request

    "how about the scooby gang as Penelope Pitstop and the Anthill Mob???"


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  • 10/30/14--10:22: Halloween Caption

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  • 11/15/14--06:25: Caption: "Personal Space"

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    I'm starting this early so I have plenty of time to draw these. And I'll be taking requests up until mid-December.

    I'm opening up member art requests for the fall/winter holiday season. So feel free to request anything relating to the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving (or perhaps a non-American November holiday?), Christmas, Channukah, etc. Or it can just be related to fall and winter time. Whatever strikes your fancy!

    As always, please respect my ground rules before making a suggestion:
    1. Keep it simple. I don't have lots of spare time. So I can't draw anything that's super complicated
    2. Nothing too racy (romance is fine, but keep it below a PG-13)
    3. Have fun! :)

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  • 12/21/14--23:02: Winter Holiday Art Prompts
  • Here are all the winter holiday art prompts for the scooby_doo community! I got them done just in time! :)

    First up is ms_verma's request:
    Well, we've recently been celebrating November 11th (which in Poland is also the National Independence Day - see it on Wikipedia), so how about the gang cosplaying as the WWI participants; the guys would be soldiers, the girls - nurses. :)

    I looked up some info on Polish Independance Day and found this video that talked about a funny tradition that involved wearing goofy mustaches while running a marathon.

    And I thought that would make for a funny comic (even if it isn't exactly what she asked for ^_^;).

    And, just for fun, here are my practice drawings for this comic.

    Next up is asweetdownfall's request:
    The gang in a snowball fight! XD Or they could be building a snowperson..

    Next up is rose_red5's request:
    Scooby trying to ice skate on all fours. That would look so cute!

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    Here's a rough draft "pilot" scene from the new Be Cool Scooby Doo show (I couldn't embed the video, so here's a link).

    And a recent British Boomerang ad had a few quick glimpses of the show in motion:

    My Thoughts:

    --I'm still not fond of the character designs. However, I must admit that they actually do look better once put into motion atop some nice backgrounds

    --I really dug that pilot scene. It was genuinely funny. And I like how it made Fred believable as the gang’s leader and gave him personality without making him act crazy and/or stupid

    --Daphne’s apparent obsession with puppets in this new show is weird. Hopefully, “Crazy Puppet Girl” wont be her primary character trait. Because that would get old REALLY fast.

    --I’m looking forward to seeing how it works once the finished animation and actual voice actors are added to the mix. It’s tone is VERY different from other Scooby shows that have come before. But, back in the day, A Pup Named Scooby Doo was a HUGE departure from the shows that came before. And that show ended up being really good and introducing elements that ended up sticking in future Scooby incarnations.

    I still don’t like the Be Cool Scooby Doo character designs (Velma just looks so wrong…). But, if the writers are talented and they RESPECT the Scooby franchise (instead of sh!#$ng all over it like a certain other show did), Be Cool Scooby Doo could very well be on the same level of quality and awesomeness as A Pup Named Scooby Doo.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think!

    [[hat tip to]]

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  • 01/24/15--20:36: Would anyone mind...
  • If I posted a Shaggy/Velma onshot fic on here? I just wanted to ask first, thanks.

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  • 01/25/15--09:38: In the Falling Leaves
  • I wrote this fic years ago. It takes place in the Pup universe. I hope you all like it.

    I want my first kiss to be on the beach in the moonlight," twelve-year-old Daphne said. "What about you Velma?"

    "Me?" the eleven-year-old girl asked with a slight squeak to her voice.

    "Yeah, how do you want your first kiss to be?"

    "In the falling leaves," she answered.

    "That doesn't sound very romantic," Daphne said.

    Velma frowned slightly, "I think it would be nice to be kissed with the leaves falling all around."

    "I supposed," Daphne said.

    Shaggy had overheard the girl's conversion. It wasn't on purpose, he had just happen to be climbing up to the tree house when he heard the girls talking up there. He bit his lip and quietly climbed down. She wanted to be kissed in the falling leaves. It was almost fall; the leaves were beginning to change color he just had to wait a little bit.

    He wasn't in love with her, that was far too strong a word and emotion for a thirteen-year-old boy to feel about an eleven-year-old girl. It was more of a deep liking her more then any other girl he knew with just a hint of butterflies in his stomach.

    He sometimes wondered if it was sick of him to like her so much, he was after all he was two years older then her, but than again two years wasn't really that big an age gap and it wasn't like he wanted to do anything inappropriate with her, unless kissing her was wrong. It wasn't like he had been thinking about kissing her. If he hadn't of heard her and Daphne talking about kissing he never would of thought about, well not really.

    Sometimes he'd think about her kissing him on the cheek. Not that he was fantasizing about her. It was just sometimes he'd think what it would be like to win a really big important race. He could see himself up on the podium holding a huge trophy; everyone would there, family, friends, reporters, and Scooby's family, well the hole world. They'd all be congratulating him and Velma would say in dreamy voice clapping her hands, "Oh, Shaggy you were wonderful!" then she would stand on her tiptoes and kiss him on the cheek.

    It certainly wasn't anything you could call X-rated or even PG rated. It was just kind of silly really.

    Fall seemed to come sooner then he thought; now all he had to do was get her alone, find the perfected place and kiss her. After all he couldn't just go kissing her in front of everyone, but he couldn't go grabbing her and kiss her when leaves just happened to falling. The kiss had to be not so planed, but natural. He wondered what it would like to kiss her and what would happen afterwards. Would she like it or slap him and run away screaming?

    He and Scooby were walking outside one day piles of leaves were everywhere Scooby kept jumping into them, Shaggy would have too, but every time he'd see falling leaves he'd think of her and how he still hadn't kissed her yet.

    He tried to tell himself that it wasn't really important if he kissed her or not and that he could wait until they were both older, but then he'd think what if someone else kissed her before he could.

    He just then he saw her walking around like he was not really doing anything that he could tell.

    "Hey Velma!" he called jogging over to her.

    "Hi Shaggy," she said smiling.

    He sometimes wondered if her smiling at him meant something or not.

    "So what're you like doing?" he asked her.

    "Nothing, just walking around."

    "Well I'm doing nothing and since you're doing nothing, want to do nothing together?"


    They walked not really saying anything. They were in the park now and Scooby was running ahead chasing a squirrel. The wind was picking up making the leaves fall off the branches and blowing the ones on ground around them. As he watched the leaves blow and fall around them and Shaggy knew that it was now or never and he was terrified.

    Velma had been watching the leaves too not thinking about being kissed or anything thinking about nothing really. She turned her head and looked at Shaggy. She saw the way he was looking at her and then at her lips. She suddenly felt self-conscious and nervous. As Shaggy took a step closer she found herself taking a small step back. Shaggy took another step closer and she now found herself unable to move feelling butterflies in her stomach. And then he kissed her on the lips.

    Shaggy put his hands lightly on Velma's shoulders instead of holding her in his arms. That way if she wanted to run she could. His eyes were closed her eyes were opened wide.

    It wasn't passionate, it was sweet and gentle just shy of being chaste. There were no trains crashing or fireworks exploding, but nice warm feeling that ran through both of them. He pulled away from her slowly ending the kiss. He waited nervously for her reaction. Her face was red from blushing, he was blushing too and he didn't know if he ever would be able to stop blushing around her now.

    "Jinkies my first kiss," she said softly.

    "Mine too," Shaggy said relieved that she wasn't running away screaming that he was some kind of pervert.

    "And it was just the way I wanted it to be. In the falling leaves," she said her voice kind of shy.

    "Yeah, I know," he said then he realized his error.

    She looked at him shrewdly for a minute. "You were listening to Daphne and I talk that day weren't you?"

    He laughed nervously before answering, "Yeah kind of," he said putting his hand on the back of his head.

    "So," she said slowly. "Does this mean you're going to be kissing Daphne on the beach in the moonlight?"

    "What? No," he said. He didn't expect her to say that. Did she think he just kissed her so she could have her dream kiss?

    "Then why?" she asked him. Shaggy had never shown any signs to her that viewed her as more then a friend. Unless she counted him jumping into her arms when he would get scared, but he also jumped into Fred and Scooby's arms too.

    It was his turn to talk now and he had no idea what to say, but he had to say something after all he had just kiss her and changed their friendship forever.

    "Velma," he began. "I-I'm not in, not to say that I don't have, w-what I mean is I just wanted to be the one who gave you your first kiss, but I don't want our friendship to changes," he paused for a moment he wanted to say 'yet', but he feared that would make him sound sleazy so inside he said "At least not now anyways, because I like where we are right now being friends and maybe…"

    "Maybe when we're older we can talk about it?" Velma finished for him.

    "Yeah," he said blushing a little.

    "I like where we are too," she told him.

    "So are you going to tell Daphne?" he asked.

    "No, Daphne would probably have a fit if she found out that I got my first kiss before she did, after all she is one year older then me," she said in mock dramatics. "Are you going to tell Fred?"

    He shook his head no, "Knowing Fred he'll probably think I was taken over by some kissing alien bent on taking over the world or something," they both laughed.



    "It was nice. The kiss was nice," she told him her face becoming slightly red.

    "Really?" Shaggy said placing his hand on the back of his head again and bushing slightly too. " I'm glad. I was kind of afraid you would hit me and run away screaming," he told her.

    "You're the one who runs away screaming, not me," Velma told him smirking a little.

    "Hey I've seen you run away from ghost and monsters," he said in a jokingly annoyed tone.

    "But never screaming."

    "You've screamed sometimes."

    "I have not!"

    "You have too!"

    "Have not!"

    "Have too!"

    They continued on with their playful argument the rest of day both knowing it really didn't matter and also knowing that someday their friendship was going change for better or worse, but they wouldn't dwell on it just yet because they were in a good place right now and didn't want it too change just yet.

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  • 03/17/15--21:43: Happy Saint Patricks Day
  • ....have some Velma cheesecake!

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  • 03/27/15--10:23: Daphne in her Ballet Skills

  • Daphne: I'm pretty cute of my skill in ballet dancer of my poise, and graceful. Ever since i was a little girl knowing about Ballet and I always learn my Pirouette without my skirt flipping up, falling and crashing. I go to a Ballet School

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  • 03/28/15--21:18: Daphne and Buddy Chillner
  • This is taken from the episode "Spirit of Rock and Roll". Where Daphne Blake has a second romantic crush on her favorite Rock and Roll star Buddy Chillner. On the last season episode "The Story Stick" where she has a first crush on Warren.

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    Has it been shown on any channel yet?

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    After reading the article it doesn't seem as bad as it could be. I'm still not in favor of the art style but I love how Velma looks!

    I'm placing it all under the cut and leaving them huge so everyone can read what it says.

    I just don't think I have boomerang anymore :(

    Pardon my finger BTW

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  • 09/13/15--12:28: Be Cool Scooby Doo Airdate?
  • Has anyone found the airdate yet? I have seen snaps on Instagram of Kate and Grey in the recording booth so I know they are laying down audio. And I still don't have boomerang, lol, my carry doesn't offer it (never has apparently) my Sister does so I'll probably watch it with her.

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  • 10/05/15--17:55: Just saw Be cool Scooby Doo
  • And I loved it!

    Fred is smart again and dose have a personality! He's not obsessed with traps and actually dose stuff instead of telling Shaggy and Scooby to do everything.

    Daphne is no longer love sick over Fred! She's funny and quirky and the hand puppets work for this episode.

    Velma is adorkable! She's still super smart, but not in your face kind of way more like Pup version of her.

    Shaggy and Scooby are likable again and don't act like they're in a relationship with each other.

    I think this new series is going to be really good. There's no romance and it really shows the gangs friendship and it's believable too.

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  • 10/05/15--23:37: Taking Art Requests!!
  • Your friendly neighborhood mod is crawing out of the shadows!

    I feel really bad that I haven't been able to give this comm the attention that it deserves. So I want to make it up to ya'll (and generate comm activity) by letting you make requests for Scooby related things to draw. One of the three jobs I have is a desk job where I'm on the phone all day. So I have a decent amount of doodle time available to me.

    And it doesn't have to be spooky or Halloween related. You can suggest whatever you want. However, I will most likely ignore/reject anything that fits into these catagories...

    -Anything too racy or NSFW. Romance and kissing is fine. But nothing more extreme than that
    -Anything that praises Mystery Incorporated (I respect that some Scooby fans love it, but I hated it and don't wanna draw it)
    -Anything that would take an obscene amount of time to draw (example: asking me to draw a full comic or specifically requesting a colored piece). I have little free time. So it needs to be something I can do on a lunch break

    Thank you all for your patience. I look forward to seeing what you come up with

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    Just a little something before I get started on requests:



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  • 10/28/15--15:55: Be Cool, Scooby Doo!
  • Is anyone still watching and enjoying it?

    I seriously love this stupid show. It shouldn't work but it does. Its hilarious and I literally laugh out loud more times through the episodes than I thought I ever would.

    I must say I'm kinda refreshed it has NO hints of romance (and I'm saying this as a die hard Shagma fan) just snark. I'm catching up on about 6 episodes as we speak


    Also if you guys don't know Hayley Kiyoko (Velma, Mystery Begins-verse) is not only on CSI: Cyber every week BUT just debuted in Jem and the Holograms this weekend. I have no attachments to the original Jem but I liked this take and Hayley stole the show as Aja.

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  • 10/31/15--23:45: HALLOWEEN CAPTION

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    Here is the Scooby Doo gang and the new participants, in my style of animation. My style of animation is modeled from Japanese dolls. (From left to right) Daphne, Shaggy, Angel Dynamite, Ricky Owens, Fred, Mary Jane, and Patrick Wisely. In the front are Scooby, Scrappy, Velma, (now with goggles) and Flim-Flam! On Mary Jane’s head are one of my OC characters, Caitlin Mewnice “Kate” Felinestein and Elizaboots Meowgaret “Bootsey” Rose, the other OC who is on Patrick’s head!

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    Here is the anime version of "A Pup Named Scooby Doo!" Friends forever, as written on the right in Japanese!

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  • 11/24/16--05:19: Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Sorry I've been so lousy about keeping this place up. Real life is taking up a lot of time.

    In any case, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! And for all my non-American friends, have a great weekend! :)