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    Context is for the weak!



    Yeah, I know. I have the maturity level of a 12-year-old.

    Hat tip to ms_verma for the inspiration. :)

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  • 01/26/13--00:59: Caption: Zombies!!

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    In this issue the gang snags a recurring villain, Velma/Fred shippers get a tiny bit of fan-service, and Daphne reveals herself to be a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fangirl!


    OMG, Daphne! Stop breaking the forth wall!!!

    Seriously? How could the editor not catch that "Thelma" goof!?

    Daphne is an Mystery Science Theater fan!! This makes her 20% cooler!!



    I still own this Garfield game. It's not too bad. But, sadly, it's has a few glitches that make it harder than it needs to be and I had to use my Game Genie to beat it. a kid, I mainly loved it because I thought the graphics were awesome. ^_^
    However, I could have done without that "it's almost as good as licking myself" joke. Seriously, comic? Ew. >_<  


    As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

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    So...I recently picked up a back issue of one of the DC Scooby comics published in 2001. This issue tried to educate the readers about Jewish culture by introducing a Jewish uncle for Daphne to visit (which is all well and good). However, it then proceeded to use a horrible, anti-Semitic racial slur!

    I'm sure it wasn't intentional (not everyone knows the history behind this awful term/stereotype). But dear lord, DC. Do your research!


    For those of you who don't know, "Diamond Merchant" is the slur. It was popularized by a racist asshole named Al Sharpton who incited anti-Jewish riots in Crown Heights that lead to a Jewish teenager being butchered by a mob back in the early 90s. And he never faced any consequences for this because he identifies as a liberal Democrat and that apparently makes it OK to hurl racial slurs and incite murders against Jews.

    Sharpton's anti-Jew demagoguery also contributed to the LA riots in 1992. A lot of Jewish-owned businesses were targeted in that chaos (including a store owned by one of my family members). So, yeah, this bitterness is personal and seeing those words and this particular stereotype pop up multiple times in a modern children's comic was pretty unsettling. It's bad enough when it randomly pops up in news reports during elections...

    ...I don't expect to see it when I'm reading Scooby frickin' Doo!

    Take a look at this page and try to guess what all the Diamond sellers have in common....

    And apparently, Jewish thirst for diamonds is how ghosts are made...

    Yeah, I have no idea how this got past DC's editors. A big company like that ought to have the resources to check this shit (even in the days before Google was handy to look this stuff up).

    Again, I'm certain that the inclusion of the slur wasn't intentional and that the writer had good intentions when creating this story (there are a few pages that teach kids common Hebrew/Yiddish slang and vocabulary). It just would have been nice if Daphne's uncle had been active is some other, less....problematic profession. >_<  

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    In this issue the gang takes a trip to France, Fred and Velma both end up romantically entangled with crazy French people, and then the gang visits New York for a museum exhibit and a Broadway show!


    Wow. French building codes must be terribly lax

    Dear Lord! What is it with Velma and attracting freaks!?

    On the other hand, those French sewer dwellers are on to something. I'm pretty sure that's the only way to find affordable housing in Los Angeles these days.

    Fred's Crazy Girlfriend is WAY too forgiving! It sucks that the culprit got screwed by the previous owners; but that doesn't make it cool to ruin her business without even discussing the problem with her first. I would have totally pressed charges. :P

    Letters to the editor...

    I'm proud to say I own the one-shot Pup Named Scooby Doo comic book. It is WONDERFUL and the crown jewel of my comic book collection! If you haven't read it yet, check out my scans here. Do it now.

    Comic Previews...



    As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

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  • 02/01/13--00:51: Caption: Girls Night Out

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  • 02/03/13--20:14: Scans: Archie #8: WTF!!?!?!?

  • In this issue, this happens...

    Do you want context? Do you want to know what the f**k dinosaurs have to do with Scrappy forcing Daphne to belly-dance? Then read on!



    So Scrappy is a con artist who delights in LITERALLY scamming old men into losing their shirts.
    I'm guessing he's not in the franchise anymore because he's serving time alongside those Enron executives...

    -Scrappy:"Keep doing the exotic dancer act, Daphne. But please don't fight back when rowdy perverts try to molest you. If you get a reputation for punching rapists in the face, we'll lose ticket sales."

    ....Seriously, these comics can be pretty f**ked up! >_< 

    There are so many things wrong with this page....
    1) Velma is right. Fred is a douche for concerning himself with the TV building when Shaggy is plummeting from a 10th story window

    2) Why is Daphne going along with Scrappy's sleazy scheme to use her body to swindle perverts!?!!? Even if she isn't fabulously wealthy in this canon (and therefore could use the money), she should have more self-respect than this!!

    3) I notice that there are several WOMEN in the line to watch Daphne dance in her underwear. Pretty sneaky, Archie comics.

    Velma and Scooby are going to need so much therapy after seeing that.....

    I looked up Esther Williams because I didn't get the reference. Turns out she was a 50s movie star and an Olympic swimmer best known for choreographing elaborate synchronized swimming routines for movie studios. And she was AMAZING!!

    Gee, Fred. Don't call a freakin' DOCTOR or anything.
    Seriously, the dude comes across as a sociopath in this book!! O_o

    Wow. We just saw Velma fire a gun at innocent civilians (and one of her friends) and hijack a bus while smoking a cigarette. I guess comics could get away with ANYTHING back in the 80s.

    And now we get to see a catfight between the two leading ladies. I guess the censors were home sick when this issue got published

    LOL. Its funny because she might have permanent brain damage and may need to spend the rest of her life in a prison mental institution because she tried to shoot a bunch of people.
    ....wait. No it's not.

    Wow. That comic was messed up. Lets see if the letters of the editor are any better....


    This page was actually pretty funny. It's interesting that a lot of fans apparently liked Scrappy before the live action theatrical movie came out in the 90s. I wonder where all his fans went...


    Check out the ad for the Pup Named Scooby Doo comic special in the lower-right corner of the page below. I have that comic and have already scanned it. It is AMAZING! If you haven't read it already, please do so now! Here's the link.


    Wow. I always thought Mel Gibson was taller. LOL


    DISCLAIMER: As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (after all, I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit and a link back to this post would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

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    In this episode, Scooby runs away from home because a misunderstanding causes him to think the gang doesn’t love him anymore. Get your tissues ready, folks!

    We start out at the clubhouse on a dark and stormy night.

    The kids have opted to take a day off and just chill in the treehouse and do their own things

    Suddenly, Scooby enters and shakes off a bunch of mud. This prompts Daphne to chew him out for getting her clothes dirty’

    When it becomes clear that Daphne doesn’t want to talk to him, Scooby asks Freddy to play. But Fred just gets angry because Scooby ripped up his newspaper while trying to get his attention

    So Scooby moves on to Velma. But she tells him that her experiment requires intense concentration. So she can’t talk to him or stop to play with him

    Finally, he moves on to Shaggy. And starts licking the bowl from whatever he was cooking

    However, this just makes Shaggy angry because that bowl was the last of his rainy day pizza dough mix. Shaggy gets so mad that he actually says,

    “Can’t you see we’re all busy? Just scram already!”

    Shaggy’s surprisingly cruel statement causes Scooby to believe that none of the kids wants him around anymore and he leaves the treehouse.

    As this happens, we see a creepy woman spying on Scooby while laughing manically and declaring “I WANT HIS HEAD!!”

    Fun Fact: The woman’s presence is made all the more frightening by the fact that she’s voiced by Ursula The Sea Witch!

    Cut to next morning

    Shaggy comes into the treehouse to ask his friends if they’ve seen Scooby Doo. Daphne tells him not to worry. But Shaggy points out that they were all hard on him yesterday (even though it’s totally not true in Velma’s case) and he might be avoiding them.

    Velma says she feels bad for not making time for him and wants to find him so they can apologize. So the kids decide to head out to his doghouse

    Once there, they find a note on his door that says Scooby ran away because no one needs him or loves him anymore


    Shaggy immediately runs home to tell his father and sister that Scooby ran away.

    His sister, Sugie takes the news about as well as Shaggy did

    Shaggy asks his father (who is a police officer) to file a Missing Person/Puppy report and an APB right away. But Officer Rogers tells Shaggy that, legally, he can’t file a report until Scooby is gone for 24 hours. But he does promise to call the station and tell his co-workers to keep an eye out (and he has Daphne watch Sugie while he runs to the phone)

    Daphne does her best to calm the baby down. And it actually works for a little while

    But then Fred goes and ruins it by remarking that the city is so huge that it could take months to find Scooby even with police assistance. You can guess how this turns out.

    Velma calms them down by assuring them that her computer can help find Scooby. But, just their luck, her computer randomly explodes for no reason.

    Fred says they can just use Scooby’s super sniffer to find clues. But bringing up Scooby just gets the Rogers waterworks going again


    Shaggy gets depressed and flashes back to their first case together

    Their first case involved a sandbox monster

    Turns out Red was the culprit of the first case they solved as a team. And that’s why Freddy insists on blaming Red for every crime. Poor Freddy peaked at infancy and never moved on

    Daphne calms Sugie down by telling her she can help by waiting at the house in case Scooby comes back. Then the kids head out

    Cut to the cold, lonely Coolsville streets

    Scooby gets a supply of bones from the kindly local butcher. And as he’s leaving, he runs into Red Herring. Scooby tells him he’s sad because he doesn’t have friends anymore. And Red offers to be his friend and then yells “PSYCH” and runs away because he’s a jerk.

    After this, the scary woman in the bloody coat finds Scooby. And he runs like hell because he doesn’t want her to steal his voice or slice off his head

    Cut to the tree house.

    Velma has drawn up a map of all Scooby’s favorite places.

    Fred suggests splitting up. But then he spaces out and assigns Scooby to Shaggy’s team. Guess what happens next…

    Daphne takes charge and tells Fred that they will not be splitting up today and that she shall be wearing the leader hat for the rest of this case. While Daphne is taking charge and thoroughly emasculating him, Fred starts to ponder where Scooby is. He imagines that poor Scooby is lost, scared, and alone is some old west ghost town

    And that mole monsters have dragged him underground

    And then a kindly old lady saved him

    But the kindly old lady turned out to be Dracula in disguise

    And that Dracula fed Scooby to a two-headed werewolf and now Scooby is dead

    At this point, Daphne FINALLY orders him to shut up. But she comes in too late to calm Shaggy’s nerves

    Luckily, while Fred was coming up with the sickest scenario ever, Velma was looking for clues. And she discovers that Scooby left a trail for them to follow

    This development actually cheers Shaggy up. But then Freddy goes and ruins it by pondering whether or not they should change their name if Scooby is never found (because it would be silly to call the team “The Scooby Doo Detective Agency” if the namesake is missing and presumed to have been murdered by Dracula and the Wolfman).

    …I’m starting to wonder if Fred is torturing this poor kid on purpose.

    Fred tries to make it up to Shaggy by bringing in the culprit. However, in doing so, he commits a minor sex crime by breaking into Red Herring's bathroom Norman Bates style and screaming at him while he's showering.

    Thankfully, Red tells the gang that he saw Scooby at the butcher shop before he forces Fred out the window via water jet.

    So at least now the kids know where to start

    Cut to the butcher shop.

    The butcher tells them that he gave Scooby enough bones to last him a year. And then saw him head west. After this, Shaggy and Velma stumble on a clue (one of Scooby’s favorite chewie toys)

    The chewie toy leads them to another pile of Scooby’s junk (he really needs a new luggage bag…)

    Cut to a spooky alley.

    Poor Scooby is lost. And to make matters worse, he gets assaulted by alley dogs. He thinks he’s saved when they run off after witnessing his mad karate skillz.

    But, in actuality, the alley dogs were scared off by the freaky woman in the bloody coat

    She once again demands Scooby’s head. And he bails in such a hurry that he forgets his suitcase. And once he gets away from her, he sits on a corner and cries because he misses his friends.

    Grab your tissues, folks. It only gets worse from here.

    Cut to the kids

    The trail has lead them to the alley that Scooby just ran out of (and the kids can’t believe he wandered into such a bad neighborhood). When they find Scooby’s suitcase, they see a mysterious red handprint on it. And Fred’s first reaction is to assume it’s blood.

    No really. He actually says this. I’m kinda surprised the 1980s kid show censors let that one fly

    Anyhoo, mentioning blood understandably causes Shaggy to go into hysterics and start bawling again. And it also causes Daphne to tell Fred that he’s an insensitive piece of crap (those aren’t her exact words, but that’s basically the jist of it)

    After this, the junkyard dogs come back and close in on the kids.

    Daphne, being the little snarky badass that she is, calmly files her nails and assures her friends that she’s got this situation covered.

    This version of Daphne is the best. No one can dispute this

    She calls her butler over and orders him to scare off the dogs (and he inadvertently scares Freddy in the process)

    Once the dogs are gone, the kids decide that they can cover more ground on Velma’s skateboard. So she summons it out of nowhere and off they go.

    In the meantime, Scooby is attempting to get food by making sad eyes at restaurant owners. It doesn’t work. And he starts to cry because he is now sad, lonely, lost, AND HUNGRY.

    I told you it only gets worse.

    But he doesn’t cry for long because the Crazy Lady finds him and he has to lose her again. He eventually gets away; but he loses his dog tag in the process.

    Cut back to the gang

    Somehow, Fred manages to spot the dog tag while they’re cruising along the sidewalk at top speed. And the others commend him for finally making himself useful on this case instead of being a jerkwad and making Shaggy and his baby sister cry.

    Daphne mentions that it’s gonna be hard to track Scooby without Velma’s computer. But then, Velma finally remembers that she’s smart enough to do math without a calculator. So she uses a pencil and paper and some bizarre looking math to figure what which direction they should go

    Note to pet owners: If you ever lose your pet, this is the formula you can use to track it down!

    Cut to a scary, foggy pier

    Scooby is using the fog to hide from the scary lady while the kids are doing the search light conga to get through the fog.

    Suddenly, they spot a scary….thing

    And, in a rare show of chivalry, Fred tries to shield Velma’s tender young eyes from the horror that is upon them

    And Shaggy laments that he doesn’t want to die without apologizing to Scooby. And at this point, the box monster finally revels himself

    Shaggy tries to apologize, but Scooby says he cannot forgive him for being a meanie

    However, Scooby is a lot more forgiving towards the girls. And he immediately decides to let it go and rejoin the team after Daphne admits that she was worried sick and Velma tells him that she missed him

    And Velma gets kisses for being the only one who wasn’t a total jerkface back at the treehouse

    The happy reunion is cut short when Crazy Lady returns and demands Scooby’s head. And now that the gang is back together, we get a musical chase montage!

    And Velma and Scooby use a disguise to scare her away

    Sadly, she doesn’t stay gone for long. And after the kids do a shout out to The Little Mermaid (I’m assuming it was an intentional reference because of the villain’s VA), they flee in terror.

    When Crazy Lady drops a paintbrush on the deck, Velma finally figures out what’s up with her.

    And she does it just in time. Because when Crazy Lady closes in on Daphne, Fred, and Shaggy; Scooby actually gets aggressive with her to make her back off!

    But before he can get a spot on ‘When Animals Attack’, Velma pulls him away and tells the gang what is really going on

    Turns out the crazy lady is actually a famous artist named Paula P Casso. The red blotches on her coat are paint, not blood. And she wanted Scooby’s head because she thinks it’s a perfect shape and she wants him to be a model for her.

    She could have saved herself a lot of grief if she had just said that from the get go. But artists are all crazy eccentrics, so I guess that wasn’t possible.

    Anyhoo, after she apologizes for scaring the life out of him, Scooby agrees to be her model

    Cut to a few days later at the treehouse

    The kids are throwing Scooby a party to make sure he knows that they don’t hate him and don’t want him to run away and live on the streets again.

    And Freddy sits in the background and sulks because he had his heart set on changing the team name to “The Freddy Jones Detective Agency”.

    Still not as big a douche as the Mystery Incorporated incarnation

    They unveil the painting and it looks like…this

    And then Shaggy announces that no ugly painting can ever compare to having his best friend back. And then the episode ends with one of the cutest screen caps ever.

    Final thoughts: This episode really tries to tug at your heartstrings. Even though the crying is hammy and over the top, it is pretty sad to see Shaggy and Scooby suffer because of a minor argument.

    And I liked how Scooby couldn’t immediately forgive Shaggy but then was willing to take Velma’s apology without a second thought. Because it helps erase the pain know what.

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    Have you ever wondered what Nicole Jaffe, the first voice of Velma Dinkley, has been up to? Well, wonder no more because here's an answer.

    According to, Nicole Jaffe (now known as Nicole David) is exiting her job from talent agency William Morris Endeavor. Apparently, she's been working with some pretty big names including Whitney Houston, Emma Thompson, Alicia Keys, Elijah Wood, and several others.

    This is the statement she gave to Deadline: “In my 3½ years at William Morris Endeavor, it has been extraordinary to be a part of what Ari, Patrick, and the entire WME family have built. I’m grateful for the experience and I’m very proud of our accomplishments. I look forward to creating new projects and continuing to give this industry that I love the best I have to offer.”

    Well, whatever you plan on doing, Nicole, we Scooby Doo fans would love to have you drop by sometime.

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  • 02/06/13--23:26: Random fluffy sketches....
  • Because I just wanted to draw cute things on my lunch break.....

    Shaggy/Velma fluff

    Velma in different styles


    I drew this one at an awkward angle on my desk (that's why it's all crooked)

    I randomly got the urge to draw the gang older (specifically, the age they would be if they aged normally from the original show). And, even though it's sad, I like the quiet moment between Fred and Shaggy on the upper left.

    Hope you guys liked them!

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  • 02/08/13--00:26: Caption: DANCE TIME!

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    In my headcanon, Sugie grows up to be a cop (just like the Pup-Version of her Dad). And she and Shaggy remain BFFs forever.

    And here are some other random doodles just because....

    A bunch of different Velma incarnations

    Cutesy doodles of the whole gang doing stuff

    Shaggy and Velma growing old together (apparently, they never changed their wardrobes over the past 40 years)


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  • 02/22/13--12:11: Caption: Baby Blues

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  • 03/01/13--01:37: Caption: Puppy Power!

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    Mystery Incorporated Air Dates!
    Then its over folks! This is it!

    Mon Mar 25 - 2:00pm - 216 - Aliens Among Us
    Mon Mar 25 - 2:30pm - 217 - The Horrible Herd
    Tue Mar 26 - 2:30pm - 218 - Dance of the Undead
    Wed Mar 27 - 2:30pm - 219 - The Devouring
    Thu Mar 28 - 2:30pm - 220 - Stand and Deliver
    Fri Mar 29 - 2:30pm - 221 - The Man in the Mirror
    Mon Apr 1 - 2:30pm - 222 - Nightmare In Red
    Tue Apr 2 - 2:30pm - 223 - Dark Night of the Hunters
    Wed Apr 3 - 2:30pm - 224 - Gates of Gloom [SERIES FINALE PART 1]
    Thu Apr 4 - 2:30pm - 225 - Through the Curtain [SERIES FINALE PART 2]
    Fri Apr 5 - 2:30pm - 226 - Come Undone [SERIES FINALE PART 3]

    This comes from the official tumblr page.

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    Since the DVD is now available, I thought I'd give a quick, spoiler-free review of the latest Scooby Doo direct to DVD movie!

    First, the downsides

      1) There's no opening song.
    Unlike the other recent movies, this one opts to do an "Adam West Batman" style opening with comic panels. This SOUNDS like it would be awesome. But it ends up being dull (both from a musical and visual standpoint).

      2) The movie lied about the parking conditions at SDCC. It is so NOT possible to drive up to the front of it and just walk in.

    ...yeah, I know it would have killed the narrative for the gang to drive around for two hours looking for parking and then have to walk 3 miles to get to the con once they FINALLY find a space. But, as someone who has been there, I couldn't stop myself from shouting "BULLCRAP!!" at the screen. LOL

      3) Velma was WAY too bitchy and condescending toward Shaggy, Scooby, and comic nerds in general (not quite as bad as MI-Velma; but it got close).

    The upsides

      1) The opening monster scene...
    There was a scene in the beginning where Fred tries to convince Scooby to be the bait for his latest stupid trap. He tries offering Scooby Snax as a bribe, but Scooby still says no. So Shaggy tells Velma, “you KNOW how to make him do it….” And she reluctantly turns to Scooby and says “Please save us, Dog Wonder!”. And that gets him to do it. Scooby Snax don’t work; but flattery from Velma does. These two are still pals!!! SUCK IT, MYSTERY INCORPORATED!!!!

    Again I say, SUCK IT!!!

      2) Lots of love for old school Hanna-Barbera:
    This movie takes place in a beautiful parallel universe where enough people still give a crap about obscure Hanna-Barbera cartoons for SDCC to not only acknowledge their existence, but to give them tons of banner space in the dealers’ room and a big ass balloon outside the convention center (the setting felt more like "Hanna Barbera Con" than "Comic Con"). Seriously, I wish the REAL SDCC was as cool as the one in the movie.

    As much as I love Hanna-Barbera. Even I can't believe that Magilla Gorilla could ever have been popular enough to warrant his own booth at a con. That wouldn't even fly at an ACTUAL "Hanna-Barbera Con"; let along a general comic book and/or geek convention

      3) One of the people in charge of this movie is apparently a REALLY big fan of Frankenstein Jr and The Impossibles.
    That character is all over this movie. And it’s a real treat to me and the 6 other people who are nerdy enough about Hanna-Barbera trivia to recognize the character on sight.

      4) I can’t help wondering if the plot was inspired by (or stolen from) Mark Hamill’s Comic Book: The Movie.

    Because Comic Book: The Movie also centers around a fanboy being outraged when he learns that his favorite silver age hero is getting a "gritty" Hollywood reboot.

    BTW, if you haven't seen Comic Book: The Movie, GO WATCH IT NOW BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING!!!).

    Can you tell I really really REALLY love this movie?

    5) This movie does a hilarious twist on the "glasses gag". And I wont spoil it here because I want y'all to see it for yourselves.

      6) We don't get to see the girls in cheesecake outfits or poses (so there's no Camp Scare level fan-service).

    However, we do get to see Fred dressed like a cosplay slut!

    ...I assume the scene where Tony Harris accuses him of doing it for attention will be on the DVD. ~_^

      7) At some point in the movie, this happens:

    Final Thoughts:

    Overall I think the movie is...OK. It's a bit of a let down from Big Top Scooby Doo because the story wasn't as well executed, the mystery wasn't as compelling, and the characterizations were a bit off. Also, like I said before, they wasted a great setting by not doing anything really cool with it (especially compared to how well the circus setting was implemented in Big Top).

    On the plus side, the movie was fun and it was free of any nonsensical romantic side plots (HOORAY!). So I'd totally recommend it to anyone who wants to see the Scooby gang do their thing at a con. Though I would suggest either waiting for a price drop or a TV airing because it isn't quite worth the full retail price (unless the final DVD ends up having cool extras or something).

    I will now close out my review with some random screenshots taken totally out of context. Enjoy!

    Every cosplayer can relate to this image of the boys with a glue gun in the back of the van (I know I've been there). XD

    Sadly, the audience never gets a closer look at the gang's new formal outfits. Which is a shame because Velma's ensemble looks adorable (despite the fact that the ugly make up has returned)!

    Velma/Shaggy shippers may now SWOON!!

    Velma/Daphne shippers may now SWOON!!

    This is me at every con ever.....

    The famous SDCC pedi-cabs!

    And now, let's close on something cute:

    Hope you guys enjoyed the preview!

    If you want to use these screen caps or show them off elsewhere, that's fine. Just do me a favor and remember to credit me for them. :)

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    In this issue the gang is divided by trust issues, Shaggy has a film noire fantasy, and then the gang enters a town full of insane people who want to BURN THEM AT THE FREAKIN' STAKE!!!!! O_o


    I think Shaggy might be on to something. A Scooby show where the gang dedicates their time to catching adulterous spouses in the act would be HILARIOUS!

    WHY!? Daphne is seriously asking WHY!?
    Is this comic trying to tell us that Daphne is cool with Shaggy and Scooby being stabbed & burned to death by an angry mob just because one of them might have punched Fred in the face while under the influence of a curse!? REALLY!?!?

    Good Lord! This comic has turned Daphne into a monster! Even if she believes that Shaggy did it; what kind of cold-hearted jerk would just sit there and let anyone (let alone a childhood friend) be murdered by a blood-thirsty mob!?

    ....on the bright side, that "choose with your heart" scene is great fanservice for Shaggy/Velma shippers. ~_^

    Wow. This comic just took a very dark turn.
    ....wait. How is Velma "different"? Does this town not have any nerds in it?

    If you want to know what Cobra Commander The Grey One is talking about, see the scans of Issue#5

    Wow....that plan is pretty danged evil. But I don't see the need for him to use crazy gas to destroy Fred's mind. I'm pretty sure watching helplessly as three of his best friends slowly burn to death will do the job all by itself.

    "Shut up, Scrappy"

    LOL. Velma finally says what the audience is thinking! XD

    No, Daphne. Scrappy is absolutely RIGHT to be pissed off at those villagers! THEY TRIED TO BURN HIM, SCOOBY, AND VELMA ALIVE!!!! Saying "My bad" does not excuse attempted murder!! Those villagers need to be locked away in a secure mental institution before they accuse the elderly Gypsy woman of witchcraft and set her on fire!

    Sweet merciful Christ, that story was f**ked up! Let's hope the next one has more humor and fewer torch wielding murderers....

    Check it out, a piece of Shaggy/Daphne fanservice!
    This would be a lot cuter if Shaggy didn't give his fantasy version of Daphne a cheesy porn star name. :P

    So Shaggy's Fantasy Fred is his White Knight? I'm not sure what to make of that

    Wow. Even in his dreams, Shaggy is still a sniveling wuss. That's sad

    And apparently Fantasy Velma is a saintly scientist who has to resort to desperate measures to keep Fantasy Daphne from using her feminine whiles to get men to unwittingly help her steal Velma's stuff.
    ....make of that what you will, everyone!

    Letters to the editor

    Ads for other Archie and Hanna Barbera comics

    I have already scanned the Pup Named Scooby Doo comic. If you haven't read it, do it now. It rocks!



    DISCLAIMER: As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (after all, I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit and a link back to this post would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!

    0 0

    I found these scans on this page some time ago and decided to share them. Let's start with the cover which has nothing to do with the story but just features Shaggy and the girls being on a "harem movie date" and getting it sabotaged by Scooby Doo!

    I guess this is where Shaggy's 80s red shirt came from. But Scooby with a pink/purple collar? Seriously? And where did Fred take the van?

    Now, off we go to the story!

    It all starts with the gang "dashing through the night, in a pink mystery van" (sorry, I couldn't resist) and talking about their new case. Well, actually, only 3/5 of them are talking. The two "team babies" are sound asleep.

    Aw, aren't they cute? Oh, yes, yes, they are!

    Then, just as Fred briefly glances at his watch...
    Gee, this dude's gonna be forbidden to drive if he continues getting distracted from looking at the road.

    It looks like they're safe but then...


    Of course, after so much of stress, there's no way for Scooby and Velma to fall asleep again. Instead, Shaggy and his dog get seasick (or rather roadsick). Luckily, Fred drives up to an old house and stops the van BEFORE they can throw up whatever they've eaten earlier that day and night.

    Sure thing, Fred. You WILL find a little information... and a little more.

    Inside, they're greeted by an old man (codename: Grandpa Creep) who just assumes they want to stay there for the night. Fred's explanations do nothing to change it.

    Three words - just their luck.

    So the gang gives up. And Grandpa Creep finds an... unusual way to play with Scooby.


    Finally, the kids are shown to their rooms, wished good night and left alone.


    I'd vote for Shaggy's idea if I only could be sure the "chit-chat" wouldn't come from his clanking teeth.Anyway, everyone accepts Velma's idea and they split up until the morning... or so they think.



    You see now why I nicknamed the old dude "Grandpa Creep"?

    Fortunately, it's NOT the end of the story - even though it turns out Fred didn't turn the lights on!


    Thank goodness this isn't The-Show-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named and Fred isn't too excited about the "trap" part to come up with a plan.

    Franklinstein? Really? -_-

    Naturally, upon seeing Franklinstein's companions, Grandpa Creep freaks out and flees in panic.


    Finally, the gang meets their employer and gets paid...

    ... with fake money. I don't see how this Professor Spooky could think he was any better than his caretaker...

    Of course, I don't own the scans but still, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. :)

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