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  • 07/04/13--01:15: More Rule 63 art
  • I decided to revisit this idea recently. And I really dig how it came out.

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    So, they're making a new Scooby Doo direct-to-DVD movie featuring puppets instead of animation or actors. And these puppets are modeled after the Pup Named Scooby Doo designs!!

    I'm TRYING to hold in my excitement until some information about the writers and voice actors involved is released. But this trailer looks pretty cool so far! It's a Wal-Mart exclusive DVD and it will be released July 23.

    Since Pup is my favorite Scooby incarnation ever, I'll share some of my hopes for this thing here:

    --I hope they do what the original show did and cast actual children to play the gang instead of the current cast. As mush as I love the current VAs, I'm pretty certain that Grey Delisle is the only one who among them who can pull off a convincing kid voice.

    --Speaking of voice actors, Scott Menville would be the ONE exception to the rule I just posted. Because that guy STILL sounds just like he did when he originally played Red Herring in the early 90s and I just can't fathom anyone but him as Red.

    --I hope it goes with the Pup characterizations instead of the ones that are currently used with the grown-up gang in the latest movies. Specifically, I want the return of Snarky-Daphne, Conspiracy-Theorist-Fred, and Wall-Flower-Velma.
    Also, I want to see at least one of these moments in puppet form:

    ...because these two are still one of my BFF-OTPs!! ^_^;

    Is everyone else here as excited by this as I am?

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    Just the opening song.

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    There will be a panel for the new Scooby puppet movie Scooby Doo and The Mystery Map on the last day of the San Diego Comic Con. And I just wanted to put this information up in case anyone here was going and wanted to check it out.

    Panel Description:
    World Premier of Scooby Doo Adventures: The Mystery Map
    Everyone's favorite Great Dane splashes onto the screen with a new, groundbreaking look that combines state-of-the-art puppetry with a cartoon sensibility. Witness the world premiere of this entertaining film along with panelists like Tony Award winner Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Avenue Q), puppetmaster supreme Peter Linz (The Muppets) and the voice of Shaggy, Matthew Lillard (Trouble with the Curve), as well as filmmakers David Rudman (The Muppets) and Adam Rudman (Sesame Street) and Warner Bros. Animation's Jay Bastian as they reveal their magical visual techniques during a fun postscreening panel. Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map will be distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment as a digital download and a Walmart DVD exclusive on July 23.

    Sunday July 21, 2013 10:00am - 11:15am.  Room 6-A

    I so wish I could go to this! Hearing about the puppet techniques and being able to ask questions would be such a treat! But here's hoping this panel makes it's way to YouTube eventually!

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  • 07/19/13--23:37: Caption: Wandering eyes...

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  • 07/26/13--22:50: Caption: LARPing

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  • 07/26/13--23:05: Fanart Time!!
  • A friend's daughter made this request:
    ""Fred and Daphne getting married. I was thinking of having it be under a chuppah""
    ....and the doodle on the bottom of this page is what I came up with...

    ...I'll do a more polished version later. But the Pup idea was the first to come to mind.

    And here's some extra Scooby scribbles just because!

    Cutesy dress designs for Velma (my inner Rarity struck)!

    Shaggy/Velma fluff

    The above drawing was inspired by the scene in the first episode of A Pup Named Scooby Doo where Velma got scared and hid under Shaggy's shirt (while he was still wearing it!)

    Daphne/Velma fluff

    More Rivka scribbles to come later!

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  • 08/06/13--16:19: Sooby puppet movie clip
  • So I was on YouTub and found this. I like Velma's new voice.

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  • 08/23/13--08:44: Caption: Pizza breath

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  • 09/12/13--04:50: New Fanart!
  • Believe it or not, your friendly neighborhood mod is still alive (mostly)! And I come bearing fanart!

    Random cuteness ahoy!


    Not even the-show-that-shall-not-be-named could sink this ship for me!!

    Last but not least, "Pup Daphne is Best Daphne"

    Prepare for rambling...
    The Pup Named Scooby Doo version of Daphne Blake is the best version ever made. No one will ever convince me otherwise!

    It has always baffled and annoyed me that the "Dumb Fred" characterization from Pup was used in future Scooby incarnations; but Daphne's cynical/snarky/vain characterization was never used again. Not only did it add edge and personality to Daphne's character, but it was more fun to root for her and Fred as an item when she showed her "affection" by calling him a gullible moron. Current incarnations just have her act like a twitterpated Freddy fangirl and it's just...lame.

    Also, Fred being a huge dumbass (and a bit of a jerk) worked in Pup because it fit the wacky tone that show was going for. It does NOT work when inserted into a pretentious reboot that expects you to watch a show about a talking dog and a squad of loathsome teenage assh*les and take it 110% seriously!!!!

    tl;dr Pup Named Scooby Doo totally rules! ^_^

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  • 09/14/13--04:32: 20 icons
  • 20 icons of Scooby Doo

    here @ lepiehole

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  • 10/04/13--00:32: Halloween art requests open!
  • I felt like waking up this comm with a little creative inspiration! So drop me some Halloween themed art requests and I'll do my best to fill them.

    My only caveats are...
    --Don't feel bad if I can't get your request done by Halloween. Its nothing personal. Real life just takes up most of my time
    --Keep your requests simple. For example, please don't ask me to draw your LONG, epic, 10 chapter fan-fiction.
    --This should go without saying, but nothing pornographic, perverted, or fetishy. Romance is fine. Just keep the raciness of the requests at a PG-13 or lower.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

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    I've just watched the movie and now, I'd like to share with you my (a bit mixed) feelings about it.

    First - the girls. I expected they'd have their Pup-personalities. Granted, it was true with Daphne (minus the snarky comments) but I've been a bit disappointed upon finding out Velma was acting like her "adult" self and talking a lot. However, this is forgivable as we can assume the movie's action takes place sometime after the last episode of the show - when Daphne starts getting subtler and more woman-like while Velma transforms from a cute but naive kid into a confident, strong-willed and snarky (but still cute!) early teen. Plus, I like the concept of HER calling the shots and having Daphne as her "right hand". Girls rule! ^_^

    Second - Freddy. It was nice to see his goofy self again. I've had a few good laughs - when he tried to take charge and marched right into a wall or when he made some of those "brilliant" comments of his. By the way, how was Velma calling him (in English) on such occasions? In Polish, she sarcastically called him "Mr. Holmes". Incidentally, I loved how he never noticed the irony; it's so much in his style! XD What surprised me, though, it's that he didn't even TRY to accuse Red Herring. I guess he either recovered from his Red-mania or had been forbidden (again) to even talk about him. :P

    Third - Scooby and Velma's voices. I don't know if it happened also in the English version but in Polish, they sounded like their "adult" selves - despite having the same VAs for over 20 years (minus the live-action movies where the humans were voiced by other actors) and despite said people being two of three most skilled VAs that I know (the third is Shaggy's VA).

    Last but not least - the final scene (no spoilers, don't worry). After the mystery is solved, the gang is hanging out in their clubhouse; that's nothing strange. What IS unusual, though, it's that Shaggy and Scooby are having a bath (blocking the bathroom, by the way)! Now, here's the question: HOW is it possible for them to have a bathroom (and probably a toilet, too) on the top of a tall tree? And what sense does it make since Shaggy's house is so near? o.O

    To sum up - even though it's not Pup and Red Herring wasn't even mentioned, I still enjoyed the movie. It's funny and worth those 60 minutes (or so) from your life. I recommend it. :)

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  • 10/27/13--00:20: I come bearing fan-art
  • Here is a random mix of recent Scooby Doo related scribbles

    First up, a commission from my buddy (and fellow comm member) ms_verma

    Next up: Cutesy stuff!

    And finally, some pictures I did to test my new set of colored pens

    [Deviant Art link]

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  • 10/30/13--22:35: Halloween Art Post
  • In this post, I fulfill all the Halloween art requests (and add a few of my own). I hope you like 'em!
    Happy Halloween, everyone!!

    First up is ms_verma's request:

    ""How about Freddy Sherlock Jones investigating the case of missing Halloween candy only to find out it actually were Shaggy and Scooby? I imagine he'd try to blame Red for this and as a result, the girls would be too annoyed to offer him any help with the case... XD""

    Next up is rose_red5's request:
    ""Daphne dressed up as Jem and Velma dressed up Syngery at Halloween party! 80's doll outfits please. With Velma asking why she agreed to this and Daphne answering because you refused to wear one knee sock to dress up like Pizzazz! Bonus points if you can drew Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy as the the Holograms!""

    It's not exactly what she asked for (I drew these at work and didn't have the word-for-word request on me). But I hope she enjoys them anyway!

    And here's my batch of original stuff that I did for fun!


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    I know it seems a bit early to start opening up requests for Christmas/Winter/Holiday art. But I want plenty of time to make you guys really nice drawings/presents. Also, Chanukkah is happening hella early this year (it also happens to start on my birthday). So I have to open it up NOW just in case anyone wants something with a Jewish/Chanukkah theme (or a Thanksgiving theme). XD

    --It doesn't have to be related to a specific holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukkah, Festivus, etc. If there's something you just REALLY want to see me draw "just because", feel free.

    --Don't feel bad if I can't get your request done before New Years. Its nothing personal. Real life just takes up most of my time and sometimes I get spacey and just forget things.

    --Keep your requests simple. For example, please don't ask me to translate your LONG, epic, 10 chapter fan-fiction into a comic.

    --This should go without saying, but nothing pornographic, perverted, or fetishy. Romance is fine. Just keep the raciness of the requests at a PG-13 or lower.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

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  • 12/23/13--18:09: ART POST
  • I know I've been neglecting the comm lately! I promise to fix that soon!

    Anyhoo, have some art! First up is my take on some more modern fashions for Velma and Daphne:

    Next up is some bro-time with Freddy and Shaggy:


    Random cuteness

    Velma Expressions

    And finally, another "race bending" AU pic featuring the gang is Orthodox Jewish-style garb:


    And don't worry, the Christmas requests are coming soon (and if you didn't make one already, it isn't too late! I don't mind doing belated doodles as New Years gifts!) :)

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  • 02/03/14--20:16: Casey Kasem, Where are you?
  • So I was on Youtube and found this, it's a read-a-long Scooby Doo Story. Just listen to Shaggy's voice!

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    In this issue, the gang visits the Carlsbad caverns and then get attacked by giant plants. Plus, we get a special cover drawn by the legendary Iwao Takamoto!


    Well hello there random, poorly dressed spandex man! XD

    **cue little shop of horrors theme**

    Maybe this makes me a bad person; but I think the idea of the Scooby gang beating the sh!t out of those people in anger is HILARIOUS!!






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